Newman Environmental Wetland System (NEWS)

Project Description:

The Newman Environmental Wetland System project (Project) is a multi-benefit 20-acre constructed treatment wetland that will manage storm water as a resource to provide water quality, water supply, environmental, and community benefits. The Project does this by capturing, treating, and infiltrating dry and storm water runoff. Project benefits include:

  • Reduction of urban and agricultural pollutant loads to the Newman Wasteway and San Joaquin River,
  • Infiltration of treated storm water to augment groundwater supply of the Delta-Mendota Subbasin,
  • Use of a nature-based design that will help re-establish historic wetland ecological functions, and
  • Creation of green infrastructure for community well-being and environmental resiliency.

The Project will be constructed on an undeveloped 78-acre parcel of land owned by the City that is currently used for cattle grazing. The Project will receive urban and agricultural storm and dry weather runoff from a contributing Drainage Management Area (DMA) of 2,241 acres. Currently, runoff from the DMA discharges, untreated, to the Newman Wasteway and San Joaquin River.

Community Engagement:

The Project provides a unique opportunity to use a multi-benefit storm water management project to obtain community input and provide environmental education. All public education and outreach conducted during Project design will consider minority and low-income populations and ensure compliance with environmental justice principles. The City is committed to bilingual/multicultural outreach, routinely uses translators, and other methods to engage the community.


Contact for more information: Kathryn Reyes, Director of Public Works, 209-862-4448 or