Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

An Encroachment Permit is required whenever work is to be performed within the street or alley rights-of-way in the City of Newman, as stated by Ordinance No. 209, 8-26-1958.

Click on the following link for the most current City of Newman Street Sweeping Schedule:

Adobe PDF Icon Street Sweeping Schedule

Generally if a tree is between the sidewalk and the street it is a city tree and the resident should call Public Works at 209-862-4448. If the tree is between the sidewalk and the house it is the property owners tree and is required to be maintained by the property owner.

The sewer line from the house to the main line in the street is the responsibility of the property owner. Please be advised that any work performed in the City’s right of way (back edge of the sidewalk into the street) requires an encroachment permit from the Public Works Department. Please call 209-862-4448 for more information.