Public Works Department

Kathryn Reyes
Public Works Director
(209) 862-4448

The Department of Public Works exists to actively plan, operate and maintain those basic facilities and services without which there could be no city. These include wastewater collection and treatment, water supply, stormwater drainage, streets and alleys, parks, buildings and grounds. Specifically, the Department of Public Works has a mission to provide:

  • A safe and dependable supply of high quality water to the customers of the City of Newman
  • The operation and maintenance of the sewage collection system and disposal according to all Federal, State and local requirements
  • Maintenance and repair of public rights-of-way and street sweeping services
  • Maintenance of all government buildings, parks, playground equipment and recreation facilities
  • The cost effective and timely delivery of capital improvement and development projects

Yard waste, trimmings, and leaves are picked up weekly during November, December, January, February and March. Yard waste should be left unbundled at curbside in lengths of 3′ or less.

For information or maintenance requests contact the Public Works Department at (209) 862-4448.

For assistance with after-hours issues (water emergencies, park rentals, etc.), please call (209) 678-0352.

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