Fire Department Frequently Asked Questions

You can obtain a copy of a fire report by submitting a FIRE REPORT REQUEST form via email or by faxing it to (209) 862-3525.

No, per NCC Title 7 Fire Regulations Chapter 7.04.030(I): No person shall kindle, conduct, or maintain any burning without a permit as required by San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District.

The Fire Prevention office conducts all fire and life safety inspections. They work on an appointment basis only and require at least 48-hours’ notice prior to performing a fire and life safety inspection. They can be reached by calling (209) 862-1716 option 2 or (209) 412-3577.

Please visit Stanislaus County’s StanEmergency  website. You can also visit the Fire Administration Office Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. For more information, please call (209) 862-1716.

Visit, click the red “Buy” button on the top of the screen, and select the state of California from the drop-down menu that is labeled “Your Location”, then type WEST STANISLAUS Co FPD in the next box that is labeled “Local fire department/agency”, now click the red “Search” button on the bottom of the window, choose the option that represents your needs and click the red box “Select”, now choose the product that is right for your project (Businesses choose the KnoxBox® 3200 product), follow the screen prompts and “Add to Cart” to finish. For more information, please call Fire Prevention at (209) 862-1716 option 2.

The pandemic has drastically changed our procedures for CPR training. The best option is to visit the American Heart Association website and find the best option for you. The Fire Department does have certified CPR/AED and First Aid instructors. For more information, please call our Training Division at (209) 862-1716 option 3.

Please call (209) 862-1716 option 1 or submit a FIRE STATION TOUR REQUEST FORM via email or by faxing it to (209) 862-3525.

If you feel your needs are non-emergent then you can call the non-emergency number at (209) 243-2399 and ask for Fire Dispatch.