City Financial Reports

The Finance Department is responsible for overseeing the preparation of the City’s annual budget. The annual budget serves as the foundation for the City’s financial planning and control.

The City provides a full range of services which include; general government, public safety (police, fire, disaster preparedness and building inspection), construction and maintenance of highways and streets, economic development, culture and recreation, water, refuse, and sewer. In addition to general City activities, the council is also financially responsible for the Redevelopment Agency; therefore, these entities are included as an integral part of the City’s budget.


Clarifying Fund Types

  • General Fund: Funding provided for general government services including Administration, Police, Fire, Community Development, Parks, Recreation, etc.
  • Special Revenue Funds: Funds used to account for revenue from specific taxes, grants or other sources that are designated to finance particular functions or activities of government.
  • Enterprise Funds: Funds established to account for business-type activities, including sewer and water.
  • Capital Project Funds: Funds established to account for major construction activities.