Business License

The Finance Department is responsible for issuing and collecting taxes for business licenses.

The City of Newman requires that you obtain a business license before starting business within the city limits of Newman. The business license fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30. Generally, every person who engages in business in the City shall pay a license fee of $76.00 per year. Those engaged in a home occupation, shall pay a license fee of $51.00 per year and a one time home occupation fee of $25.00. Fees are not refundable. An Occupancy Inspection Fee of $75.00 will also be collected. License payments are to be paid in advance annually and are due on the first day of July.

Open For Business Sign

Depending on the type of business you conduct, you may be required to interact with more than one City department to acquire a business license. For example, your business facility may require City electric or water services, zoning or building code approval, or the services you provide may require special licensing.

Business licenses may be obtained at City Hall, 938 Fresno Street, Newman, CA 95360. You may also download an application in Adobe Acrobat format using the following link: