Building Department Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum height is seven feet.
Fences occupying the side or rear of the yard area may be up to seven feet high, measured from the highest finished grade from any adjoining and subject properties, given the following:

  • The fence does not extend to the front yard.
  • The fence is no closer than 10 feet to the street side curb-face or beyond the property line, whichever is closer to the street. If it extends into the public right-of-way or easement, the fence shall be subject to review, approval and restrictions and limitations as described in NCC 5.23.060 (H).
  • The fence is not within 15 feet to any street curb-face within 20 feet of the intersection of an alley and street right-of-way line.
  • The fence is not over 36 inches high above the curb on a corner lot within a triangle formed by the curb lines and a line connecting those lines from a point thereon which lie 40 feet from the intersection of the curb lines.  Click Here for an Example (12 KB)

42 inches
Fences in the front yard may not be higher than 42 inches, measured from the highest finished grade from any adjoining and subject properties.

  • Fences with visual clearance (such as chainlink) may be allowed up to four feet in height, subject to staff approval.

Graduated Fences
Graduated or step-down fences are subject to the following requirements:

  • In order not to obstruct the visibility of one’s neighbors, an invisible horizontal line will be drawn from the nearest corner edge of House A to the nearest horizantal line of House B. Where the lines intersect the property line, at that point forward the fence shall not be higher than 42 inches.

Please call the Building Department at (209) 862-3725 (Option 8).