Administration Department

The Administration Department is comprised of the City Clerk’s and City Manager’s offices and provides the administrative, personnel and risk management functions of the City.

City Manager

The City Manager is responsible for implementing the City’s mission, vision and core values.

The City Manager is charged with implementing the policy decisions of the City Council and for the management and coordination of the day-to-day operations of the City of Newman; including enforcement of laws and ordinances; for the appointment, suspension, or removal of all employees (subject to Civil Service provisions); the preparation of the annual budget and the financial operation of the City.

The City Manager is accountable to the City Council; responsibilities include overall supervision of the City’s 5 departments as well as public information, intergovernmental relations, economic development and franchise management.

City Hall

City Clerk

The City Clerk’s office maintains the City’s legislative history, including preparation of City Council minutes, resolutions and ordinances; and is the custodian of the City Seal and official City records.

In addition, the City Clerk’s office is responsible for preparing and publishing legal notices, coordinating municipal elections, providing citizens assistance and public information.

The City Clerk is also responsible for performing the City’s risk management and human resources functions, including administration of employment opportunities, benefits administration and for providing personnel support services to all City departments.